Bums & Tums

Published by Hachette Australia, 2015 in hardback and paperback.
Available online and in all good book stores.

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Download activity sheet for 'Lion with very stylish hair'.

Who has an orange bellybutton and hangs from a tree? Who's big all over, but especially on their ears? Who lives in Africa and has stripes on their knees? Make a guess from the clue and the close-up picture, then lift the flap to see if you are right!

Illustrator insight: This book was partly inspired by a very popular poster I did for the Adelaide Zoo Education Service many moons ago and it's painted using the same technique - watercolour with chalk pastel highlights.
People are often amazed at how much research I put into a book. You won't find any avocados in this parrot's fruit salad... why? They are toxic to Blue Macaws.
A big thank you to the Zoo Ed staff once again at Adelaide Zoo, for their help with research for this book.

'The Bums' - the original poster for the Adelaide Zoo Education Service.