This is about the earliest I can remember drawing... I was around 2 years old, drawing with chalk on the concrete at my grandparents house in Melrose. And that is my big sister's head I chopped off there... nice pants sis!
What am I drawing? Well recently at a school book talk, a student was convinced it was a snail and a giraffe so I'm going to go with that as I honestly have no clue!

From there I went to University (only kidding, there was lots of school, with art and design subjects in between).
I graduated from the University of South Australia in 1992 completing a Bachelor of Design specialising in Illustration, then made a beeline for the Adelaide Zoo which marked the beginning of a career as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, and a wonderful relationship with the Zoo Education Service spanning over a decade - drawing enough animals to fill an encyclopedia.
Other things I have done along the way include an Account Manager for high quality printing firms for 10 years, finished artist for various Advertising Agencies and my very first job was as a strawberry picker!
I'm fortunate now to be able to freelance full time and share that passion of animals as a published illustrator of best selling children's books since 2008, predominantly with an Australian theme.

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