Esmeralda's Nest

Written by Robert Moore. Published by MidnightSun Publishing. Available OCTOBER 2020

Each day Esmeralda collects a variety of objects and waddles down the hill.
Everyone wonders why the Saddleback sow is carrying a bottle, fencing wire and a pair of trousers in her mouth.
Only Esmeralda knows. Nothing will stop her.

The Endpapers are one of my favourite things to create in a picture book. They can have a life and tell a story of their own. I've created these ones with the help of my son (he wrote the words) in order for it to look like a child had written some notes on things they had learnt living on a farm. I remember when I was young and my Dad was a Stock Agent, he explained to me that black cows with white bands were called Belted Galloways but black pigs with white bands were called Saddleback pigs.
Why didn't they just call them Belted Galloway pigs or Saddleback cows? Make them the same?
I still don't know the answer to that question.