Shut the Duck Up!

Published by Hachette Australia, 2013 in hardback and paperback.
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Indie dreams of being able to fly but as an Indian Runner Duck, he can't. Up late to practise his flying technique, he spots a fox and raises the alarm. No one believes him at first, but eventually Indie sets a trap that catches the fox and makes himself a hero.
Enjoy the antics of one sneaky fox and one very noisy duck!

Illustrator insight: Well Indie didn't just arrive on the farmyard scene. He was one very persistent duck, which is quite ironic as this is exactly what he is in this story. I first drew Indie a few years ago (my then farrier actually breeds Indian Runner ducks, he has over 200 of them... it's quite a sight!) I tried to slip him in to one of my earlier books as a sidekick but my publisher instructed me to take him out. I tried again... I liked this duck... no luck... 'can you please take the duck out'. Along comes my next book, 'Captain Kangaroo and the Big Bush Bash' where there are racing teams. So I slip him in again as a sidekick to Team Koala - they are farmers. I get all the way through final drawings and am about to start painting... 'um, what about the duck?' I ask.
'Oh we love the duck, we're going to give him his own book!'
The motto according to Indie, never give up!

From time to time I make some of the original artworks available for purchase.
The original artwork for the 'Muddy Pigsty' from this book, is available at Books Illustrated.