The Hip Hop Barn

Written by Phil Cummings. Published by Little Book Press, 2019 in hardback and paperback.

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Phil Cummings has written a hilarious rollicking story that follows cheeky farmyard animals and their antics when the farmer goes to bed.

It was an absolute delight to illustrate this book as I have long been an admirer of Phil's writing, who is also a very dear friend.

A big thank you to my friend Nic and his beloved dog Jack, for the inspiration behind these characters and helping me with all my reference photos to be able to draw them.

Sneaky duck!!

I had just as much fun as these pigs are having, painting this spread. It was kind of liberating not having to worry about dropping spots of paint. Actually, I purposely dropped paint on there. I threw it on! Woop woop!!

The Endpapers are one of my favourite things in the printed book. We have used the original character sketches to create these. In these you'll see my lines of action and all my scribbles. These are the lines that give these a 'life' that cannot be re-created when you draw them again. If you look closely, there are two different characters in the back Endpapers compared to the front. Can you pick who they are? You'll have to read the story to find out. Enjoy!

April 2019

I was absolutely thrilled that three of the original paintings from 'The Hip Hop Barn' were part of the Phil Cummings Exhibition - Stories Behind The Books, hosted by the State Library in Adelaide. This exhibition celebrated Phil's amazing contribution to children's literacy over the last 30 years, with insights to his thoughts and ideas and where they come from. On display were some of his journals, notes and many more original illustrations from a selection of books throughout his career. It was a visual delight! I was honoured to be a small part of it. (Oh, and just as exciting... alongside of my paintings are some of the originals from Phil's very first book 'Goodness Gracious')