Welcome to the official website of South Australian Artist and children's book Author and Illustrator, Mandy Foot.

Mandy holds a Bachelor of Design specialising in Illustration from the University of South Australia. In 2009 she discovered a passion for illustration in children's books. After a wonderful collaboration with major publisher, Hachette Australia, her first picture book was an Australian version of 'The Wheels on the Bus', released later that same year. A stickler for meeting deadlines, consequently she frequently looks like this pelican....


Something a little different for me which I absolutely loved illustrating. Release 1 March 2022, 'What Snail Knows' is a very sweet story, a verse novel, written by the very talented Kathryn Apel and published by University of Queensland Press. This little book gave me the opportunity to explore black and white illustrations for the text with the only colour one being the cover. At 232 pages, it's a wonderful novel for those readers looking for something a little more challenging than a picture book. If you haven't read a verse novel before, it's an absolute treat... and Kat is a master of it.


Lucy and Dad move a lot, so it's hard to make friends. Lucy's glad she has Snail, the perfect pet for a lonely girl. If only she had her own shell to hide in every time she started at a new school.
But this place is different. She likes her teacher, Miss Darling. She likes her classmates, especially Tahnee.
She even likes Mei-hui's van park, where she lives with Dad and Snail. This place feels like home. Can she convince her dad to stay?

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